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Stories by Kine - One season


One Season dresses and tops were introduced in Norway in 2014 and has since then established a growing market.  We are very happy to import and distribute One Season throughout Norway and welcome new shops every year. One Season is the answer to an easygoing & chic lifestyle during hot summer days. Send us an email for info on retailers.

My Style Bags by Stories by Kine


My Style Bags is the Italian style spot on: understated and elegant. Super quality personalized canvas bags and accessories, all made in Italy. So simple and clean, with a slight nostalgic, My Style Bags have become the prefered traveling goods both for men and women, girls and boys, and even as special company gifts. Come by and see our selected styles on show in our shop in Eckersbergsgate 35, Oslo.

Stories By Kine


Our own brand of timeless basics. A growing collection of pieces more and more customers find fit for most occasions. Pieces in high quality both with regards to fabric, prints, buttons and threads. We put a lot of energy in finding the right people to develop our products. Production is mainly in Italy, but it might just happen that we bring some of our items overseas if a special technique or tradition take us there. It will always be the skilled hands that decide where and why.